Latest Google Update- Google Enable Marketers to Choose Multiple Campaign Conversion auction

Google intends to improve the standards of its products on every odd day. The recent announcement made by Google Marketing Live was may not the flashiest, but definitely exciting one for advertisers.

Conversion is possibly the utmost looked-after goal while creating campaigns. The conversion tracking set up allows marketers to see the precious actions that users take after engaging with their ad, like sign-ups, phone calls, and purchases.

The feature is now available in all accounts and support for video campaigns will be introduced later this year.

Marketers can go for choosing their desired conversion actions to add in the ‘Conversions’ column at the campaign level. This way, marketers can decide what action can help optimizing bids for each campaign and can see all the conversion actions reported in the ‘All conversions’ column. For multiple conversion actions, they should be placed in a ‘Conversion actions set’ and share it through other campaigns driving the same goals.

Earlier, the ‘Conversions’ column selections were applied to all campaigns in the account of the marketer.  This means if a marketer owns multiple campaigns for driving different goals, perhaps with independent marketing budgets, the marketer needs to build numerous accounts for optimizing all accounts separately.

After this new Google update, marketers don’t need to make multiple accounts when they have campaigns with diverse goals. For instance, suppose a marketer is a hotelier with chains of hotels with individual marketing budgets for the different chains of hotels, and diverse campaigns targeting online bookings for separate chains.

Now, the marketer is allowed to select the corresponding conversion action/s for every chain and ensure that their budgets are rendering the important that marketers were intended to drive. This saves precious time of marketers, making easier to manage their bids in one account and gives marketers more flexibility to use Smart Bidding.