Latest Google Update- Google Ads to Remove Two Bidding Strategies

Google Ads Bidding Strategies

This Google Ads update is to keep modern-day advertisers informed about the bid strategy changes occurring in the platform.

The online ads belong to Google and this is why we see users tend to become Google marketer at first. Therefore, Google serves different ad formats which also include automated bidding.

This automated bidding helps marketers optimize as journeys of consumers become more and more composite. Data show that 70% of all advertisers pursue Google Ads automated bidding. This is why the company introduced Target Impression Share in November so that brands can assuredly show up when customers are conducting imperative searches.

Target Impression Share is a smart bidding strategy provided by Google Ads services which automatically sets bids according to where the ad will display up.

Marketers can perform the bid setting so that their ads show up at the supreme top of the page, either anywhere in the top section of the page, or anywhere on the SERP.

Campaigns employing Target Outranking Share or Target Search Page Location bid strategies will be automatically migrated to “Absolute Top Impression Share” or “Top impression share”.

When campaigns get migrated to Target Impression share, they will be automatically optimized as per the earlier target locations and historical impression share.

Starting in late June, Google is planning to eliminate the ‘Target Search Page Location’ and ‘Target Outranking Share’ bid strategies and as such marketers will not be able to add these two strategies in their campaigns.

Later this year, those advertisers using existing campaigns will automatically be shifted to the Target Impression Share strategy as per earlier target locations and historical impression share.

Hope this Google update would be helpful for you and enables you to take the right decisions for your next campaigns.