Google My Business Listings Introduces Different Offers to New Followers

To let businesses cherish their business making, Google has always stood to the front.

Google is now introducing new ways for business owners to market their GMB listings, by offering discounts to new followers.

The new ways to attract new people are welcome offers, cover photos, photo displays, and logos.

Welcome Offer Tag in Google My Business

According to Google, over half of online customers look for a discount or an exclusive offer. Therefore, the feature will allow Google My Business marketers have the opportunity to acquire special coupon codes in exchange for following.

In the Google My Business listing example given below, marketers can see how users are instantly offered a discount after following a business.

But, the users won’t be able to see the exact offer until they follow the business listing.

So, marketers don’t need to go overboard with steeper discounts. This mystery may encourage more people to follow.

Cover photos & logos

Google My Business local listing owners can add their preferred profile cover photo. Earlier, it was not possible manually.

For Google local business, logos will now have appeared on the top right-hand side of the page. 

Profiles will receive one more visual update in the form of the photo module. Photos uploaded will appear immediately in this new dynamic module. 

Local favorites

Google will be highlighting the top five percent of businesses in a specific category with a “Local Favorite” designation.

Google will also distinguish businesses with “badges of honor” which perform noticeably.

Marketers can see more details about all features later this summer.

The company also offers Google My Business support service for GMB marketers.