Google Enables Marketers to Create and Edit Responsive Search Ads in the Google Ads Mobile App

Google has brought great news for Google Ads marketers!!!

These marketers will be able to make their responsive search ads more organized, more exclusive and more transparent.

Google says staying connected to the Google Ads performance is imperative. It depends on whether you are operating at your desktop or the active Google Ads mobile app (Android, iOS). It will help you keep an eye on to take action anytime and anywhere.

Google’s two latest updates to the mobile app can help marketers enhance their account performance swiftly and easily, even they are away from their computer.

Create and edit responsive search ads

Google has enabled marketers to directly create and edit their responsive search ads in the Google ads mobile app. Earlier, marketers were only able to pause and enable ads. This new feature will be especially helpful for launching last-minute promotions even when you are at any remote place.

Add Review and Edit Negative Keywords

Google is also introducing new capabilities and recommendations, which was earlier only available on desktop, to manage negative keywords in the Google ads mobile app. Marketers can now-

  • Create, review, and edit negative keywords.
  • Add negative keywords directly from the search query results card, based on queries triggering your ads.
  • Marketers will receive recommendations to eliminate incompatible negative keywords which are stopping some of the keywords from showing ads.

This recent Google update would be relevant and useful for Google marketers around the world who were looking for having on-the-go Google Ads service.