How To Start a Blog – Free Beginner’s Guide

*” In front of a lavish villa, stops a car! There steps out a guy who is fully suited booted and walks straight in the villa. Riches is something which anyone might ask for. And seeing him it seems he is a wealthy person. The phone beeps, tringggggg …. Trigg…. “Hello!” From the other side of phone. “I am your friend Khushboo, remember! We did schooling together?”   Yes of course! “You have turned a millionaire now!” said Khushboo”*

Suddenly my eyes open and I find lying myself on bed. But something that constantly pricked back of my mind was “being millionaire, not a bad idea.” How to get rich? Um…it’s not a difficult task in today’s world.

Yeah! Blogging is a smart way of earning. All u need is your PC. Don’t you worry if you don’t know anything about it!

How to start a blog

Here is everything you need to know about blogs! Here we go….

Before you just go into blogging get your ideas clear why blogging?? I have listed few benefits of blogging

  • Isn’t it awesome to connect to so many people at a time? Yes blogging is one way you can do so.
  • Amazing way to express and share your views.
  • Want to become writer? Definitely it can act as your platform.
  • And the best part of it, you can make MONEY.

Excited to start blog?? Here are some easy steps to start are you ready? Let’s go…

Step 1: Choose your blogging platform

Choosing where to build blog should be the first question in your mind. It is a way to express yourself then it is obvious the platform should be massive. And when I say that “WordPress” is something that strikes my mind. There are more than 82 million active user on word press.

It’s not just the only way there are other alternatives which are given below

  • BLOGGER: Definitely the next best thing to wordpress.
  • TUMBLR: it’s half social network, half blog. Interesting and simple to use.

So, till now you might be clear about three platform on which you going to write for. So ready for the next step.

Step 2: Self hosting or free alternatives?

This is one of the most important decision you got to make. Yes, you need to decide whether you will pay for your blog or grab a free one. Bloggers, Word Press and Tumbler offer free blogs. Yes it is a great news for the ones who are not so serious about blogging. But having said that there as cons for them too. Here are some downsides.

  • You just won’t be able to get your domain name: yes it is something ugly. On your free blog your web address will be something like this

It isn’t something that you would want. Right?

  • Limits everywhere: you cannot always upload everything you like. For example your videos or images. Everything is limited. And the worst thing is you cannot access to the free themes offered by Word Press.
  • Your blog is not your own blog: yeah! You heard it right. You actually don’t own your blog it is hosted on someone else’s web property and they can also delete it if your content is not safe for readers!

Just means that all your hard work on blog post can be just vanished in seconds isn’t sad?

On other hand will the self-hosted blog on your own domain name you can be the real owner of your blog. You can add unlimited videos, images and content plus the free themes it’s all just the wining combo. Worried about how it costs to own a hosting and domain name? It’s just $5 to $10 per month.

Step: 3; Start it on your own domain

Still confused about what self-hosted blog is? Let me just explain you will need to come up with domain name you like ad choose a hosting company that can host your blog.

  • Domain: It’s just basically the URL of your website like for example .com is the domain).isn’t it simple
  • Hosting: Hosting the Company that your website on internet so that everyone else can see it is known as hosting. It’s just like a computer hard drive on the internet where your blogs can be saved one of the hosting and blog Domain Company is I page, but you are free to choose your on hosting company. If not all of them have one click, should have a “One Click” Word Press installed solution on their admin panel.

All you just need to sign up with your chosen provider then choose your hosting plan and domain name and finally look for one click installed button on admin panel. WordPress is very important for your privacy settings and automatic backup. Once it is installed all you have to do to start blogging.

Initially layouts look confusing but don’t you worry you will understand it quickly

Step 4: Design your WordPress blog

It’s just make your blog look exactly how you want you can choose a new theme either head to Appearance>Themes and install a free Word Press theme or you can head to premium theme website like

Choose something that really look professional and easy to customize. The blog design should reflect both you and your personality and also what your blog is about. Make your blog attractive so that you have more no of visitors.

And his most important thing it should be easy to navigate so that more user can stick on

Step5: Useful Resources for Beginners Bloggers

Bloggers when come to the blogging arena are more often to make a few newbie mistake .But that is something not to get dishearten about there is always a scope of improvement whether you have learnt now or blogging since years .

PHEW! Perhaps everything you need to know is already said and you are ready to go with five simple steps. Get your ideas expresses and earn from it .Are you ready to blog.

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27 comments on “How To Start a Blog – Free Beginner’s Guide

    1. Hi Sheetal,

      Its my pleasure that my content will be helpful to you for start blogging. Hope to see you here again!!!


  1. Hi Anant

    This is a great resource for beginners. So easy to read and follow. You have done an excellent job.

    To create a great blog, you need a solid foundation which you have revealed.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Ikechi,

      Thanks for your words!! I have learnt so many things about blogging from you. Your words through comments always motivate me to stay in touch with blogging.

  2. Hi Anant,

    There are thousands of posts on the internet describing how to start a blog but the way you presented make it different. I can say that the way someone write matters a lot and that eventually attract the readers to come back again. I am mentioning about the introduction of your article. some people say it is unprofessional and you should not add such kind of introduction. Here, I am appreciating your work as you try to do something different. Even I like adding a bit of personal stuff in my blog that for some people look awkward.

    I like the way you presented the post and hence I will be coming back to this blog again for reading more posts in future.

    Keep motivated for sharing your ideas and views.

    Have a great blogging journey.


    Reji Stephenson

    Have a great blogging

    1. Hi Reji,

      Happy to see you around my blog. I believe that blogging is the platform where you can share your personal experience that’s why I started my introduction like this.

      Thanks for your appreciations and wishes.

      Stay in touch

  3. Hi Anant

    This is my first visit to your blog and its a great post.

    It is very useful for the newbies who want to start their own blog. I faced many difficulties but I guess people who will read this post will find it really easy to start their blog.

    I really liked the way you introduced your post. Its a bit different in technical writing but I feel thats the way – Be Different!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Sonal,

      Happy to see you around my blog!! Thanks for your appreciations for my post. I know that introduction was not technical but still i have shared it because I would like to share my real experience with my readers and hope it will be helpful to them.

      Stay in touch

  4. Blogging is rapidly growing career in india. but 90% of bloggers failed or give up in the middle. this post is really helpful for many beginners who want to start a blogging career. but my suggestion is don’t start a free hosting blogs, which is really waste of your time and you can’t make money. but i appreciate the admin with simple words explained crystal clear so even a non technical background people also can start a blog confidently.

    1. Hello Charan,

      Thanks for your kind words!! I agree with you that 90% blogger give up blogging in the middle, few of my friend give up blogging because they did not earn money in the beginning but I am still here and I learn so many things. I have written very simply and I tried to cover every steps so that it will be helpful to everyone.

      Stay in touch :)

  5. Hey Anant,

    This is a great post for beginners. As I was reading your work, I was thinking back to the time when I had to make all those decisions about setting up a blog. I would have loved some advice like this. It was so foreign to me.

    A very scary time, I kid you not. When you wrote choose a platform. I had seen WordPress mentioned so many times, there really was no other decision for me. I was really confused about hosting. You explain it well. I knew from the beginning what I wanted and where I was going and there would be no middle ground. So paying was a no brainer.

    And as for design, oh you write about it to sound so amazing. It is the angst of my blogging world. But I am getting better at managing now.

    Thanks for a great post Anant.


    1. Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for your appreciations!! I also face difficulties when I have started blogging I have read so many blogs and join communities which help me to improve my blogging skills!! I share this post for newbies so that they can not get that much struggle and get knowledge easily.

      Happy to see you around my blog.

  6. Hi Anant Bro ,
    Glad to see your blog . Very nice topics that your covered by.

    Before starting a blog , which question that may appeared in mind you nicely focus that point and describe nicely .

    Thank you very much for highlighting this topics . Have a great day .:)

  7. Hi Anant,

    Love this post! You have successfully made it so easy to start a blog. So many are fearful and let their fears stop them from ever starting one.

    I’m absolutely sure that this will put those at ease because it is pretty simple to do.


    1. Hey Doona,

      Thanks for sharing your views about my post!! It gives me motivations, I have read your blog as well about same topic and also learn few things from your blog as well

      Stay in touch.


  8. Hi Anant!

    I just discovered your blog after reading and commenting on Mi Mubas’s
    excellent blog.

    You have done an excellent job, laying out the proven steps, a beginner
    needs to take, in order to their blog up and going.

    Hopefully they will follow your proven advice and start connecting with
    their target audience.

    1. Hello Mark,

      Thanks for appreciations!! Few of my friends get motivations after reading this blog and started their own blog and they also try to learning about blogging. Hope to see you them more successful in blogging industry.

    2. Hi there! I really enjoyed this post. I am so faactnsied by dreams and their meanings. I too had a nightmare that shook me so much that it ended up as a short story. But I've never been brave enough to send it in, its too horrible! Thanks again- keep dreaming! :-)

  9. Hey Anant,

    These are such awesome tips. Perfect for beginners.

    It can be so overwhelming to know where to begin when you decide to start blogging. People need things simplified, and your post does just that.

    Personally, I’m glad I went for the self-hosted option. I had NO experience or know how when I had gotten started.

    But there are several tools available for anyone of every level – and if this is viewed as a creative expression, it can be a lot of fun (even if it takes some work).

    Great stuff. Sharing with others.

    1. Hey Dana,

      Thanks for your kind words and really sorry for to late in response!! I am agree with you that there is several tools available but I think everyone is not aware of every tools and it also depends to person which tools they like.

      Hope to see you soon on my blog :)


  10. Hi Anant,

    Wonderful post :) I wished I had read it before I started my wordpress based blog three months ago. I will be soon changing design of my blog and I am also learning SEO now. I will visit your blog again to learn new things.

    Thanks for sharing .. Sarika

    1. Hello Sarika,

      Sorry for late response!! I feel glad that my post is useful to you!! It will be beneficial to all blog if they have knowledge of SEO. You can ask me about SEO if you stuck any where I will try to help you for sure

      Thanks and keep in touch

      1. Nice post. I learn something on totally different blogs everyday. It is going to on a regular basis be stuatlmiing to read content material materials from other writers and comply with just a little one thing from their blog.

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